10 Year Old Diligent Kesong Puti Vendor Inspires Netizens


In a viral Facebook post, Analee Rodriguez shared the plight of one adorable and very diligent kesong puti vendor in Makati.

Most children today are constantly absorbed in playing with their gadgets and handheld devices when not studying, or at school. Their biggest problem would probably be that upcoming math exam about that math formula that they could simply not understand.

Maybe their dilemma would be about that really awesome toy that they could not wait to get their hands on for their birthday, or maybe for Christmas.

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I bet that earning money for a living would be one of the farthest things from their minds.

For a little boy, life is wholly different. His name is Prince, and he’s only 10 years old.
Photo By: Analee Rodriguez
Photo By: Analee Rodriguez

According to the viral post, Prince’s day starts at 4AM when he rides the bus for his daily commute to his selling spot in Filmore Street, in Makati. He sells kesong puti (white cheese) for 120 pesos per pack.

By 6AM, he leaves his post to go to school until 12 noon. Once school is done, he immediately goes back to his spot to resume selling his goods.

On days when business is good, he leaves his spot by 9 in the evening, and reaches home by 11PM. When business isn’t doing so well, there are times when he had to stay on his spot until the next school day just to sell all of his products.

If you think that Prince’s daily grind is hard enough, just think about the homework he also needs to do on top of studying his lessons for his quizzes and exams. Also, think about the fact that he barely gets enough sleep. He has to wake up very early for his travel, and he goes home so late just to sell all of his goods.

What’s even more amazing is that despite all the work he has to do just to earn money, Prince still maintains a smiling face as evidenced by the picture shared in the viral post.

In the post, Analee encouraged people to support Prince by buying his goods, so that he can go home early and spend more time with his siblings.

Netizens were definitely touched by Prince’s hard work. Many expressed that they will definitely visit Prince’s spot and buy his goods.

Keep up the good work, Prince! We hope that you grow up to be an outstanding citizen, and we pray for more blessings to come your way because you deserve it.

As of this writing, Analee’s post has almost 300 reactions and 21, 200 shares on Facebook.


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