15 Larong Pinoy That Gives You All The Hugot Feels That You Exactly Need


Remember yourself as a kid playing luksong baka outside with all the other kids. You’re almost about to win it however an unexpected fall down happened. It hurts right? That’s the same as love.

Hugot literally means pull out. but today, it’s a trend among the youth (like me). Hugot is a statement, or quotation. And this statement is something you learned/realized from experience, almost always related to romance. you “got” your statement/realization from experience. You “pulled out” your statement/realization from your experience. you “hugot” it (haha). So from this, come the term “hugot lines”. Hugot lines are made for fun. in addition to painful romantic experiences, hugot lines can also be painful truths. Hugot can be everywhere and anything you do. Just like playing outside. So here’s 15 traditional Filipino games that exactly has all the hugot feels in it.

1. Hilig mong mag-assume kaya ka nasasaktan.

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2. Tapos saka mo maerealize, mahal mo pa pala? Ulol.


3. Totohanin mo din sana


4. ‘Coz pagpapakatanga is a choice.


5. Swerte mo na lang kung sa pagbagsak mo, siya yung sasalo.


6. Malay mo dumating din yung oras na hanapin mo.


7. Kaya ang ending, sira ang lata.


8. About looking-back and moving forward,


9. You have to fight for what you want. Pero minsan,


10. Wag nalang nga ipilit


11. Kaya hindi mo pwedeng sisihin si Basha, Popoy.


12. #PseudoRelationshits

Filipino children play on steel barriers along a road in Manila, Philippines on Saturday Aug. 6, 2011. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

13. Pero minsan, kelangan mo ring magpatalo para matapos na ang laro.


14. And the Golden Rule:

Pero mas lalong hindi, “Pepe ko sara pa rin.” #WagMasyadongSuggestive.

15. And for all the pain you’ve been through. Sana pwede mong sabihin,


Malay mo magback-to-zero lahat.

Bawal ang “taympers” eh.


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