“Evil Spirits” Blamed for Mass Hysteria in Bohol


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A mass hysteria of female students at a school in the village of San Pascual, Ubay  was attributed to evil spirits by the authorities. In spite of  the absence of a scientific explanation. 22 female students of San Pascual Academy (SPA), began suffering from convulsive attacks, screamed, and fainted inside their classrooms. This prompted the teachers to suspend classes.


According the village chief of San Pascual, Renato Alacida, the mass hysteria happened around 9AM on Wednesday. Most of the students who got possessed by the evil spirits were from Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 classes.

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Most of the possessed students were immediately brought to the adjacent San Pascual Church and prayers were offered, as stated by a staffer at Ubay mayor’s office, Hans Atup. He also said the Ubay Mayor Constantino Reyes went to the school to check.


Members of the rural health office went to the said school and examined the students. They found that most of the possessed students had normal vital signs, except for the eight students who were brought to Don Emilio del Valle to undergo more medical tests. Alacida added that the eight students became weak after all the shouting and their blood pressure elevated.


San Pascual Academy is a Catholic and private high school. It was established in 1968. The school requires the students to pray the rosary before classes every morning.


Prior to this incident, there was also a report on students who were possessed a week earlier. In Japer Memorial School in Barangay Catalina in the town of Sagbayan, 41 female students also experienced the same thing.


The number of purportedly possessed students rose in a span of almost a month until Thursday last week. According to the residents, the hysterics began after a gmelina tree inside the school was cut down. The event caused the parents not to send their children to school last week. However, all classes resumed on Monday.


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