This Couple From Iloilo Proves that Age is Not a Factor in Love


When it comes to matters of the heart, logic and reason are, more often than not, deemed useless and are thrown out the window. Love confounds even the most rational of minds, and moves with neither rhyme, nor reason.

For this one couple from Iloilo, love proves to be beyond age.

Evelyn and Renan. Photo From: RMN Iloilo

An unexpected love bloomed between Renan Escoban-Jacinto, 24 years old, and Evelyn Parenas-Jacinto, 60 years old. Yes, you read that right. She’s 60 years old while he’s just 24.

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According to an interview with RMN Iloilo, Evelyn, a resident of Z-II, San Juan, Molo, Iloilo City, shared that he and Renan started out as textmates. She introduced herself as she is, and admitted her real age. According to her, despite her age, Renan chose to love her.

For his part, Renan, a native of Tapaz, Capiz, shared that he loves Evelyn despite the fact that she’s way older than he is. He said that age does not matter as long as they are in love with each other.

They have been textmates for more than a year before they finally met each other in person, and started falling in love.

Even their families weren’t able to impede the stirrings of their hearts, and proved to be inadequate to hinder Renan and Evelyn from marrying each other.

They were married through a civil union, and are now living as husband and wife.

As to the issue of their sex life, Renan and Evelyn openly shared that they have, in fact, an active sex life despite their considerable age gap.

Evelyn shared that she doesn’t really ask Renan to make love with her. More often than not, he does the asking, and she simply obliges without any fuss. She further said that it is her obligation as a wife to her husband to cater to his needs.


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