Marlon Stockinger Speaks Up on Romance Rumors with Pia Wurtzbach


Two weeks ago, a picture of beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach and Formula One hottie Marlon Stockinger, heated up the rumor mills. The Miss Universe shared a picture of them together on her Instagram, and with a caption “Marloner”.

The pair both wore curt smiles, and the picture showed the beauty queen leaning forward on the racecar driver’s shoulder.

The picture raised a very valid question: are they, or aren’t they?

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And if they were indeed dating, then how about that hot doctor on Instagram previously dubbed by the beauty queen as the ‘real-life McDreamy’, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski?

Just two days ago, Stockinger posted another photo of him and Wurtzbach together on his Instagram, further fueling the rumor mills. The photo was captioned: “NY-Manila with this one.”

According to an interview with ABS CBN News, Stockinger clarified that he and the Bisaya beauty queen are just friends. He said he doesn’t normally talk about his private life, but made the exception when prodded about Wurtzbach.

He shared that he and the beauty queen have known each other for a while, and just happened to meet up in New York. He said that it was a nice picture of a nice moment with her.

When asked about what he thought of the beauty queen, he described Wurtzbach as ‘fantastic’, and further said that the beauty queen’s ‘beauty speaks for itself’, and that ‘she’s just a really nice person’.

Stockinger was also present during the beauty queen’s 27th birthday celebration in Manila earlier this year.

Wurtbach made headlines earlier this year when she was romantically involved with Dr. Mike, the ‘hottest doctor on Instagram’, and People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’. The pair even admitted that they were dating each other in separate interviews.

However, it seems we can only assume that the romance between the doctor and the beauty queen has since fizzled out.

In a previous interview with PEP, Wurtzbach shared that the doctor was trying to adjust with the Filipino way of courtship because it’ a very different culture.


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