4 School Rules That Are Unnecessary


I am a fifth grader here in Chicago and there are some things that I just can not understand when it comes to school rules.  I mean, how is it that we need to follow some rules that are really not a big deal?  I am pretty sure that I am not the only one complaining about such rules.  I know there may be kids out there like me who are also wondering why these rules are implemented in school.  So what are the 4 school rules that are unnecessary?


Here are some school rules that I do not like in school but have to deal with regardless.


 1. Eating in Class

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Not being able to eat in class is unnecessary. If kids have an empty stomach a few hours away from lunch, they should be able to eat something small, like a fruit. So our energy is up anytime, making us more attentive in class.


2. Limitations to Bathroom Breaks

The limitations to bathroom breaks are ridiculous, I think. When kids feel the need to use the bathroom, we should be able to. At any time.


3. School Uniforms

The uniforms in my opinion, should not really be made. I think this because we are able to express ourselves with clothes (As Long as they are appropriate).


4.The No Gum Rule

I have no clue why we can not chew a gum in school.  I think that chewing a certain type of gum while learning a new lesson and chewing the same flavor while taking a test based on that lesson, will help you improve your memory. Therefore, gum helps us get better grades. At least for me. Also, we are doing the teachers a favor if we didn’t brush our teeth.


Either way, I still love going to class even with these rules.

So these are my opinions on the top 4 school rules that are unnecessary. I hope you enjoyed reading!


With Love,


Millie Bree


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