4-Year Old Brutally Raped and Murdered in Isabela


The body of a child was found violated and lifeless near Rugao River in Isabela.

Post mortem medical examination revealed that the cause of death was a brutal injury to the head.

On top of the critical head injury, she had multiple cigarette burns on her body, and a broken pelvis bone. She also had lacerations in her private parts, which is a clear evidence of sexual assault.

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Authorities’ initial findings indicate that the child was raped and brutalized before she was murdered.

The child victim was later identified to be Stella Albino, only 4 years old, and practically still a baby.

In connection with the child’s ruthless rape and murder, police officers arrested Herson Dalit, 21 years old, as the prime perpetrator of the crime on Saturday, at Barangay San Lorenzo in Ilagan City in Isabela.

According to Ilagan City Police Chief Superintendent Segundo Lagundi in an interview with ABS-CBN, Dalit was the last person seen with the victim at a cornfield on Friday before the lifeless body of the child was found.

Authorities shared that Dalit admitted to committing the crime, but he refused to be interviewed.

Dalit underwent tests for alcohol, but he tested negative. He was also tested for drugs, but the results have yet to be released.

It remains unclear what prompted Dalit to commit the heinous crime to the helpless child, and whether he was under the influence of alcohol, or drugs at the time the crime was committed.

Nancy Albino, the victim’s grandmother, shared that she could not imagine the anguish and suffering that her grandchild went through in the hands of the perpetrator of the crime.

She also shared that her granddaughter was a cheerful and friendly child.

Dalit will be facing charges of Rape with Homicide under the Revised Penal Code, punishable with Reclusion Perpetua. He will not be entitled to bail as a matter of right.


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