420 Supporters Rejoice! What People Are Saying About Duterte Possibly Legalizing Marijuana


Marijuana is once of the most common and often-abused drugs in the country and even in the whole world. There are those who believe that consuming minimal and prescribed amount can actually prevent cancers or cure illnesses. These, however, have not been proven as of the present and have been subjects for endless debate.

The Philippines, I believe has been left behind by other countries in terms of the legalization of medical marijuana. It seems like the agencies involved are not at all interested in taking the journey towards it.

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed during a past interview that he is open for the legalization of medical marijuana but only if concerned agencies see that it is beneficial for the countrymen.

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He said that he is not the authority for such issue as it’s the Food and Drug Administration. However, he added that if it’s “certified by the government and it’s good fine, no problem.”

The President also said that such proposal will need to go through studies and must have qualifying activities wherein they can establish that it really has something good for the body. But again, it seems like no agency concerned is showing interest. It might be due to several factors, budget included, but I do hope there are more valid and acceptable reasons than just that.

Personally, I am inclined to believe that legalizing medical marijuana have its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if more research would yield more positive results about marijuana and its medical benefits, then good. But let us not take away from the formula the possibility of abuse. Thus, if this is to push through, the government and concerned agencies should really come up with a strategy that would ensure no one — as in absolutely no one — will abuse it.

It is already difficult to trace houses that have planted marijuana in their backyards and small pots; how much more trace those who have been consuming it or keeping without special permits or those who are keeping an amount that is more than what is allowed?

Meanwhile, actor Robin Padilla is pushing for its legalization after his friend and co-actor Dick Israel died last week. For Padilla, Israel was “another victim of the medical marijuana oppression.”

The actor said he is sorry for failing Israel. He added that the have always thought that the current government is “educated enough to legalize medical marijuana”.

Padilla also said that Israel had asked for relief with medical marijuana after he suffered from stroke.

“Buhayin sa congreso ang #HB180 (Revive the #HB180 in congress),” Padilla wrote.

It can also be recalled that it was earlier this month when Mark Anthony Fernandez, a nephew of the actor, was arrested for possession of at least one kilo of marijuana. Fernandez had already made a statement and had claimed that his use of marijuana is for its medicinal benefits.

“Medical marijuana will be his contribution to the future… For now let us thank and praise God he is alive Alhamdulillah,” Padilla said, relating to Fernandez’ situation.

Meanwhile, the netizens have voiced out their varied opinions with regard to the legalization of medical marijuana. Many believed that it his high time that the Philippines push for the bill while others think otherwise.

The following are some of the reactions of the netizens.

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