5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Wonder Woman


I remember watching the first trailer for the movie Wonder Woman last year and I got all excited because first of all, I think it is awesome to finally see a superhero woman kick-ass on the screen. Not that I don’t like other DC characters, it’s just that feeling of my heart swelling with pride because Wonder Woman is a woman! Not to mention that Gal Gadot nailed the character.

Yesterday I wasn’t able to contain my happiness while I was watching the movie. If only I could have that “grace under pressure” aura that Diana has. She is so awesome and amazing and so beautiful and such a kick-ass heroine, you should really go and book a ticket to watch the movie right now.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should watch the movie:

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  • First woman-led superhero movie – Need I say more? It’s refreshing to see a woman portray a role that inspires both men and women to be courageous, to always be kind and to choose love.


  • The Director is a woman – Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film.


  •  It has high ratings on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes – The website is one of the sites movie buffs go to when they want to check if the movie is worth watching or not. As of writing, Wonder Woman’s rating is at a whooping 93%.


  •  The fight scenes are beautifully executed.


  •  Wonder Woman chose love, above all – Each superhero has his/her backstory on how her powers came to be or the reason why he/she chose to fight evil. What’s amazing about her is that, she has compassion and she chose to see the good in people. Even if she was already warned by her mother that man does not deserve her, still she chose to fight for the good.



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