5 Ways On How Filipino Teachers Can Be Tech-Savvy With Lessons


Technology is becoming more and more commonplace in a classroom setting. With the age of information upon us, teachers have had to deal with what could either be their best friend or worst enemy, the Internet. Whether you like it or not, students are taking in information faster than ever, and it is going to be the teacher’s choice as to either work against technology, or be able to welcome and use it to their advantage in their classrooms. Here are some ways that they can achieve the latter.


  1. Present your lessons creatively


Mix up a good old (interesting) lecture with tools like Powerpoint presentations, and videos from Youtube. However, do not use these all the time because that could get boring too. This is just to make sure that you have enough variety to keep your students interested, especially with introducing a new lesson.


  1. Use interactive games


Sites like BrainPOP are perfect for supplying games that are connected to your lesson. It could also serve as a form of review for what you’ve already taught your students.


  1. Encourage blogging as a form journal-writing


For language classes, allow students to put up their own blog for them to be able to explore the use and perks of writing on an online platform.

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  1. Using and introducing anti-plagiarism tools


Sites like Small SEO Tools and Plagiarisma can be used to assist the checking of student essays and papers. Plagiarism is becoming more and more common, and showing students how easy it is to check if they’ve plagiarized may discourage them from doing so in the future.

  1. Help your absent students catch up with what they missed


You may upload course content on sites like Edmodo that also allow for quizzes and assignments to be given online. This will help students who have been absent to catch up with their present lessons. Edmodo also helps parents track their child’s lessons in school.



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