8 Reasons Why We Should Sleep More


A lot of people sacrifice sleep because of different factors. Some has a lot of work and study to do; some needs more time for computer games, TV series, and live football or basketball games; some believe in the mantra that “sleep is for the weak.” Unfortunately, there are consequences for not having enough rest, let alone enough rest. It could contribute to the spiraling down of our total well-being. So, if you are planning on skipping some sleep tonight, think again. Here are eight reasons that would change your mind.

  1. It boosts our immune system. An average person needs enough rest in order to have an immune system that works well and functions normally. This has been supported by several studies that claim not having enough sleep results to poor vaccine responses.
  2. It improves our memory. Having enough shuteye is important for memory consolidation. Meaning, people who get enough sleep actually becomes better in remembering new information learned. Getting enough rest also is helpful in performing new things and tasks and in following procedures and instructions, including riding a bike, learning how to bake a cake, and more.
  3. It betters our emotional state. People who don’t get enough shuteye usually have more chances of experiencing mood swings, anxiety disorders or even depression. Meaning to say, having enough rest allows the emotional processing to take place during REM and other stages of sleep.
  4. It “cleans” the brain. Making sure we get enough sleep means we are allowing our brain to perform regenerative processes. Sleep also allows our brain to perform its own “housekeeping chores” such as getting rid of various neurotoxins that were built up during a hard day’s work.
  5.  It helps repair and grow tissues. The growth hormone is produced mostly during sleep. This production is linked to deep sleep or the slow-wave sleep. This is very important especially in children as having enough sleep is related to their growth. For adults, getting the right amount of sleep is important for tissue repair. For those who are into bodybuilding, sleeping also helps restore your musculoskeletal system.
  6. It aids in stabilizing your blood sugar level. Sleep-deprived people have more chances of getting diabetes simply because the lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance. Meaning, the insulin is not able to exert its influence in the cells. Thus, enough rest is very important in treating and preventing diabetes.
  7.  It might help in weight loss. Did you know that getting seven-to-eight-hour sleep everyday can aid in with loss? It is said that an appetite-promoting hormone called ghrelin is excessively produced due to insufficient sleep. Furthermore, it hinders the production of an appetite-suppressing hormone: leptin.
  8.  It aids in longer life. Studies have shown time and again that those who do not get enough sleep live shorter lives as those who are able to get seven to eight hours regularly. This is because people who rest more have lesser risks of life-shortening diseases and conditions like high-blood pressure, strokes, and more.
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