8-Year Old Girl Raped and Killed by 4 Drug Addicts


The lifeless body of a little girl was found floating in the banks of a dirty river in Bacoor, Cavite last week. She had multiple wounds on her face when she was found.

The little girl was later identified to be Romelinda Gardon, a Grade 2 pupil, and only 8 years old.

Police authorities also confirmed that the girl was sexually assaulted before she was brutalized and murdered.

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Four men who were suspected to be under the influence of a potent mix of drugs and alcohol were arrested in connection with the rape and murder of the child. The suspects were Rowell De la Cruz, Reynaldo De la Cruz, Nico Zamora and Jessie Aguilar.

The suspects were identified with the help of multiple witnesses who saw the four men together with the little girl the night before her body was found lifeless.

A man alias ‘Mang Ador’, testified that he saw the four suspects drinking liquor the night before the girl was found dead. He said that the four were feeding the girl when he joined them for drinks, but he later went home ahead of them. He also said that he was later surprised to learn that the girl was dead the following day.

Another witness who refused to be identified also said that he saw the four men throwing the body of the child into the river.

Rowell De la Cruz and Nico Zamora were arrested by the police authorities first. They immediately confessed to the crime and further revealed the names of their two other cohorts. However, during the arrest, they went for the guns of the police officers and tried to fight back. They were shot, and they died on the spot.

Jessie Aguilar and Reynaldo De la Cruz were also later arrested by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the child’s parents were inconsolable. According to the child’s mother, she had no idea that her niece sent her child on an errand to buy dinner. Her father, on the other hand, said that he went looking for his child the whole night, but did not expect that the tragedy that befell her.

Authorities believe that the four were under the influence of drugs when they committed the crime.


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