9 Filipino Films Compete in Osaka, Japan!



Good news, cinephiles and movie fans alike!

Nine of our very own Filipino-produced films are heading to Osaka, Japan for the annual Osaka Film Festival. It is a prestigious film festival that celebrates a wide variety of Asian films, which includes movies that has not been previously released in Japan.

Let us show you the nine Filipino films set to compete in Osaka from March 3 to March 12, 2017.

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Bliss by Jerrold Tarog

This horror movie features Iza Calzado as a mentally unstable woman who lives alone. She has been taking medications to cure her illness, but she still continues to hear voices in her head.

Tisay by Borgy Torre

This film stars Nathalie Hart, JC De Vera and Joel Torre, and underscores the dark realities of game-fixing in the world of basketball.

Apocalypse Child by Mario Cornejo

A strong contender which has been garnering accolades in both local and international film festivals, Apocalypse Child is the story of surfer Ford, the supposed illegitimate child of famed director Francis Ford Coppola, who previously shot his film Apocalypse Now in the Philippines.

Kita Kita by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

This romantic comedy stars Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy, and judging from the trailer, this film will most probably give you the laughs.

Baka Bukas by Samantha Lee

This film stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and has actually won several awards in the local film scene despite being the directorial debut of Samantha Lee. The story centers around a lesbian who is in love with her best friend.

Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo by Mihk Vergara

This film centers on Meng Francisco, a 10 year old girl who lacks the skills to win the Filipino game of Patintero, a modified version of what the Westerners know as tag. She gathers a group of misfits and fellow losers in a bid to challenge another group of kids.

Birdshot by Mikhail Red

This movie is about a girl who accidentally shoots a Philippine eagle, which is actually protected for being an endangered species. As authorities track her down, they uncover an even more chilling secret.

Singing in Graveyeards by Bradley Liew

Something for rock fans out there, this movie features Pepe Smith as Pepe. He plays a long-time impersonator of rock legend Joey Smith, and is finally given his biggest break as the front act for the star’s concert, but he is given one hefty task he has never done before: to write a love song.

Saving Sally by Avid Liongoren

For comic book enthusiasts out there, this film is about a comic book geek who is in love with his inventor best friend. Apart from eye-candy Rhian Ramos, this movie also features quirky illustrations, and was actually 10 years in the making!

Be sure to let us know which Filipino movie you’ll be rooting for!


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