Agot Isidro Has Found a Friend in Panfilo Lacson


Senator Panfilo Lacson stood by actress Agot Isidro’s statement, claiming that the actress’ words actually make sense.

Lacson said that if President Rodrigo Duterte wants to go hungry, he can go on that journey alone.

“Sa isang banda, si Agot Isidro may sense sinasabi. Kung gusto mo magutom, magutom ka mag-isa, ‘wag mo kami idamay. Kung sumama ang ekonomiya, madadamay lahat na karamihan ng Pilipino na magugutom,” Lacson said during an interview last Wednesday.

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Actress Agot Isidro (Photo: Inquirer)

It can be recalled that Isidro was bombarded with criticisms and bash after she posted in Facebook a lengthy post about Duterte and called him a “psychopath.”

The actress, in her post, laid out three points for the president. First, she said that no one is actually attacking Duterte. In fact, the president is the one who is picking a fight. Second, she pointed out that the Philippines is only a Third World country and not a superpower.

She added that she and the rest of the Filipinos don’t want to go hungry. If the president wants to suffer from hunger, he can do it himself. She said that so many people already have nothing to eat. There is no need to starve us even further.

Isidro then closed his post by telling Duterte to have himself checked by a psychiatrist and then called him a “psychopath.”

Screenshot of Agot Isidro’s post. (Photo: Zeibiz)

The senator pointed out that even though Duterte’s trust and approval rating is still at 86 percent, it is still 5 points down from his July rating which was at 91.

Lacson said that the main reason why his rating is still high is his war on illegal drugs.

He added that the reason behind the decline in rating should be studied especially because it came after the President’s pronouncements against the European Union and the US. These, Lacson said, are doing the country any good.



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