Professionalism Out of the Window as Aguirre, De Lima Exchange Personal Attacks


It seems like Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and Senator Leila De Lima have taken their “war” on a personal level after these two exchanged statements that are below the belt.

On Wednesday, Aguirre said that De Lima is losing her mind. This, after De Lima earlier said that the justice secretary is a master of fakery.

“I may be losing my hair but she is losing her mind,” Aguirre said.

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This came after De Lima also accused Aguirre of fabricating evidence against her.

“Secretary Aguirre’s alleged evidence against me is like his toupee, his wig – fake and cosmetics only. There is nothing into it other than that. Nothing’s authentic,” De Lima said.

Agirre vs De Lima (Photo: GMA)

However, Aguirre defended himself saying that the neophyte senator cannot even pinpoint the evidence that was falsified.

The justice secretary challenged De Lima to produce proof that the evidence against her is actually falsified. He said that the senator should focus on producing such proof instead of blurting out personal attacks.

Aguirre asked De Lima to straighten her defense. He added that the senator should also stop “general denials and hurling accusations back and forth.”

De Lima, on the other hand, has earlier targeted Aguirre in one of her statements. She said that instead of focusing on coming up with fake evidence against her, the government should give their attention to what is real – the killings.

“What is real however are the killings. What is tragic is that these killings continue unabated. And the criminals, including these so-called vigilantes, are getting bolder, while the victims are getting younger,” said De Lima.

On the other hand, after the sixth hearing, the committee on justice and human rights has decided to terminate the hearings on the extrajudicial killings. Dick Gordon, the chairperson of the committee, said that they have enough findings to report. They will have the report ready by Monday.


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