Artist in Focus: Traveling Artist Josephus Bartin


Have you always wanted to have a career as an artist but don’t have the slightest idea on where to begin? You are not alone. Josephus Bartin’s journey towards building a career as an artist started in a rather odd way.

It was in July 2015 when Josephus’ contract as a teacher for an international school in Thailand came to an end. He had no other source of income at the time. Thus, he needed to look for one immediately. Good thing, being an artist rescued him.

He sold more than half of the pieces that he made.

send money to the Philippines

At that time, he realized that he’s a man with a lot of time in his hands but with no income. So Josephus maximized all of his free time by searching for art-related activities — shows, workshops, and projects and everything in-between.

He went everywhere and did whatever his luck and hard work can hold. It reaped results. In four months, he was able to travel to eight countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and my Country, the Philippines.

The Moving Train.
The Moving Train.

“Although I have always been a drifter growing up, I never, in my silliest dream, thought I could do that,” he said.

Traveling from one place to another and conducting art shows and workshops and doing art projects, Josephus was then dubbed as the “Traveling Artist”.

“I’m particularly fond of the sensation of being in transit, car, bus boat, trains, planes, whatever it is that moves, the thrill of following your cat minded-curiosity, the fulfillment of connecting to people from different backgrounds, and the mishaps, oh yeah, they’re really important, the whole idea that the world is just an infinite place and we are a part of it, small maybe, but as infinite,” he said.

Being a traveling artist has also allowed him to come up with outputs that are inspired by his travels. “The output you can make totally depends on how rich your creative bank is, and there’s just no better source than experiencing the world!” he added.


Josephus has been an artist since he can remember.

“Like a dream, you can’t really tell how it all began,” he shared.

He took up Fine Arts major in Painting in the year 1997 and began teaching summer art classes at the same time. This, he said, is the start of his “proper consciousness being into Arts.”

One of Josephus’ goals as an artist is to inspire others. However, he believes that it is not an artist’s job to decide whether Art is significant for a person or a culture. It should be a person’s own effort on how he or she would make himself/herself fall in love with the local Art.

“From an artist’s point of view, none of these really matters as much as doing Art itself,” he said. “…like love, the subjectivity will always keep Art either overrated or underappreciated,” he added.

Some of his artworks.
Some of his artworks.

Josephus’ message to aspiring artists and artists who have lost the “fire” and stopped doing what they love to do is simple: “A real artist will always know that creating art is as essential as eating, sleeping, and having a roof over our heads. (Insert my wink here)”
The following are some of the recent works of Josephus Bartin.

The Art of Love, Exhibit
Talamban Times Square
Cebu City, Philippines
February 13 – March 15, 2016

798 International Children’s Art Festival -Guangzhou, China

September 10-21,2015


Josephus painted a plate for auction, the proceeds were for the next Children’s Art projects.

Video Project by Spheremaggot Studio

DANZN FESTIVAL- Arts and Music event
Live RCA, Bangkok, Thailand
July 25, 2015


CHOMP Café, Bangkok, Thailand – July 2, 2015



Passion and Projects Events
Keep Inspiring! Workshop and ArtTalk & Make it Happen! Painting and Calligraphy Workshop
An Ongoing Traveling Workshop Series


Artspace@Capriccio Events
(In)Love Exhibit – a love month Art Show
February 13 – March 15, 2016

Singapore Art Apart Fair
PARKROYAL Hotel, Pickering Road, Singapore
February 22-24, 2016

NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand
May 9, 2015

VAGABOND SOUL Conceptual Event and Art Performance
KU DE TA, Sathorn Square Tower in Bangkok, Thailand
April 23, 2015

Alagwa – One Man Show
Ayala Abreeza, Davao City Philippines
August 2011
“Pirmero” – One Man Show
Catarman Lilo-an Cebu, Philippines – April 2002