Bookworm’s Corner: Review of Rich People Problems


I’ve heard about the news that Kevin Kwan’s first novel, Crazy Rich Asians will be turned into a movie and though I wasn’t able to read it, my attention was caught when I saw that I have his third novel entitled Rich People Problems on my kindle. Thank you so much NetGalley and DoubleDay Books for granting my request to read the ARC!

Believe me, I gave my self a little hard time by not reading the first book! There were a lot of characters that at first I cannot distinguish who’s who. However, as I continued reading, I was able to get to know each of the characters and liked most of them. I liked Nick Young and his wife Rachel who defied tradition for love. I liked Su Yi’s character as well even if she is strict and may seem to not care about anyone but his grandson, Nick. I liked Astrid the most in this story not because she stayed in Palawan, Philippines but because of how gracefully she faced every problem that came her way. Although Edison Cheng is irritating, I think he’s just one of those spoiled rich kids so I didn’t mind all his plans to get Nicky away from Su Yi. But the one person whom I consider the greediest is Kitty Pong. I can’t even tell you how annoying she is and her constant need to fit in.

There are a lot of scenes that are memorable to me, but the most would be the proposal and the way things ended up in the end. For sure I’ll be reading the first book – Crazy Rich Asians and second book – China Rich Girlfriend before the movie comes up!

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If you want a funny read and a novel full of characters who are enjoyable, I recommend reading this book!

Rating: 5 STARS


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