Boyfriend for Rent Available on Freelance Work Website


Single women could forever relate to relatives and friends constantly nagging them to get a boyfriend or get out there and start dating.

Surprisingly, boyfriends are now for rent. Well, at least in Thailand.

A man known as “Peerawit” is actually offering boyfriend services through freelance work website Fastwork.

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Peerawit said that he can be hired to act as your boyfriend for one week. Within that period, you will be “In a Relationship” with him, and he would do what boyfriends are supposed to do on social media.

“I will like your posts and pictures and go around leaving sweet comments that will leave your friends burning with jealousy,” he wrote in his service details. “You can request what it is you want me to write, as well as limit how many ‘likes’ you want,” he added.


Screenshot of Peerawit’s Facebook page (Photo: Coconuts Bangkok | Peerawit/Fastwork)

His Facebook-only boyfriend services are limited from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. only as he needs to get some “beauty sleep” too.

This exclusive relationship costs 250 Thai baht or P348 Philippine pesos.

He also said that the woman hiring him for the week can also opt for add-on services like going out on dates. This, however, will be more expensive and has short duration.

He said that the meet-up or dating package covers three days, and each date lasts for four hours. The catch, however, is that he will actually be able to meet with your friends and family and take photos with them.

Peerawit emphasized, however, that during dates, only “simple physical contact like holding hands is permitted”. Sexual activities are not included in the package.

Those who have tried his services have posted feedback about him too. Coconuts Bangkok reported that one of his clients wrote the following:

The experience I received was really good. My pictures and posts were liked and there were cute comments for others to see. Thank you very much. I’ll come back again when I’m lonely.

So, for the single ladies out there, you might actually want to consider this one, and give yourself a break.


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