Cebu Pacific Crew Revives Passenger Who Had a Cardiac Arrest


Cebu Pacific, September 27, had a flight bound for Manila from Davao City had a smooth flight. The members of the cabin crew were doing their everyday routine of making sure the passengers were all comfortable and safe and everything was in order.

However, five minutes just before the plane landed, something happened that changed the lives of everyone onboard flight 964.


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One of their passengers had a cardiac arrest. He was a 69-year-old Italian man who had gone through several medical procedures in the recent past.

With the goal of saving the life of the old man, the Cebu Pacific cabin crew led by Ralph Perez immediately made sure that medical assistance was given and that everything remained in order.

Without further ado, flight attendants Kat Chetandas and Lisha Laconico rushed to zone C of the Airbus 330. Upon reaching the old man’s seat, he already had no pulse, and he was no longer breathing.

From L to R: CCS and lead crew Ralph Perez, FA Kat Chetandas, and Lisha Laconico (Photo: Wings Privilege)

Laconico got the Automated External Defibrillator, a portable electronic device that is able to diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Chetandas, on the other hand, applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  The pair completed 14 cycles before a pulse was found and the Italian passenger began breathing again.

The rest of the cabin crew, CCS Jeng Zarate, Sam Beltran, and RK Galang made sure that the rest of the passengers remained calm.

Medical attention was also immediately given to the passengers after they plane made a full stop at NAIA.

All the people aboard that flight indeed witnessed a miracle. Most of all, the Italian man is able to go back to his family alive and safe, all thanks to these amazing individuals who did their best.

With this amazing story, the Wings Privilege are hoping that the “story will change how you see flight attendants, especially for those who think they are ‘glorified flying servants’”.  



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