Chief Bato: ‘Drug-Linked Police Generals Raise Bounty for My Head’


Philippine National Police Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ De La Rosa shared on Wednesday, September 27, 2016, that he has received several reports that multiple reputed generals of the PNP who are linked to drugs have raised the bounty for his head.

This news comes in the middle of President Rodrigo Duterte’s massive on-going campaign against illegal narcotics. Chief Bato De La Rosa, after all, is at the front lines of President Duterte’s aggressive war on drugs.

Chief Bato called these reports as ‘chismis’ (gossip), and shared that he is still having these reports verified and validated even though they may just be gossips. He said that these chismis might only be chismis, but they may still have some truth in it.

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“We have received information na itong heneral na mayayaman na ito nakapag-ipon na ng pera ay pinopondohan na kami na para ma-neutralize.” PNP Chief Bato in an interview with GMA News on the alleged bounty from drug linked PNP Generals.

When asked about the price of the bounty for his head, Chief Bato did not give a concrete and definite amount, but said that the price is still being raised.

As for the identity of these drug-linked generals, Chief Bato refused to divulge and publicize their names. He, however, said that he has not been talking, or communicating with these generals for a long time.

Chief Bato also shared that he is not discounting the gossip about the bounty being raised by PNP generals. In fact, he sees the threat as more serious than the alleged PHP50 million prize for his head that was reportedly raised by drug lords earlier in June.

He disclosed that these rich, drug-linked generals have more men involved, and even have drug syndicates at their beck and call.

He also disclosed that the next phase for their campaign against illegal drugs ill focus on drug lords, or high-value targets.


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