They Have Arrived: Clown with Chainsaw Chases Student in Vigan City


An assailant appearing as a clown allegedly attacked a 16-year-old female senior high school student in Barangay Ayusan Norte, Vigan City.

According to police reports, the victim, who came from a volleyball game, was on her way home when the clown with a chainsaw came after her.

“Habang naglalakad ako napansin ko na parang may tao sa likod ng bakod sa isang bahay, tapos bigla na lang may marinig akong nag-click na camera tapos sunod-sunod na ganun nang makita ko na ng buo ang clown na may hawak na chainsaw na pinapaandar pa ito, doon na ako sobrang natakot (I noticed while walking, someone behind a nearby fence were taking pictures and then when I saw a clown with a chainsaw, that’s when I felt scared.),” the victim said.

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The clown then disappeared into a black car after the victim screamed for help. Two other unidentified persons wearing bonnets were allegedly inside the car.

The victim said she was frightened, especially after she saw the two guys inside the car. She added that she tried to get the plate number of the car but it was covered.

Based on her description, the clown is between 5’7 ft. and 5’8 ft. tall, has a medium built, and wore the traditional clown costume. He also had red paint on the face.

Both the police and barangay council responded immediately, but they were unable to trace the car allegedly used by the clown and his companions.

Vigan City Police Chief Superintendent Jugith Del Prado said that they ae investigating the matter already. He added that this is the first case reported to the local authorities. He said that maybe it was just a prank.

Meanwhile, a clown was also reported to have been sighted in the town of Bantay after the Vigan City incident.

“Killer clowns” have been the subject of national and international news and social media posts after numerous sighting have been reported in the United States of America as well as in other countries.



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