Dapper Lolo at MRT Sends Pinoy Netizens Abuzzing!


Fashion isn’t just for the young, hip and trendy, and one’s advanced age does not pose as a reason to forego grooming and cultivating one’s personal style. In fact, with age comes classic tastes – well, this is true in the case of this one very dapper grandfather.

In a viral post by Facebook user Didi Ocenar, a grandfather was seen riding the MRT like a boss – literally!

In the photo, the classy grandfather is seen sporting a tailor-fitted, three-piece suit, with a matching gray fedora hat, and gray socks. He paired his suave ensemble with black leather shoes, and completed the ‘Boss Look’ with a pair of dark-tinted aviator sunglasses! He absolutely looked like he just stepped out of a gangster-movie!

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The grandfather is obviously not just about business, but also style, because he dared to wear such formal ensemble and braved the Manila heat in a public transport, no less!

The dapper grandfather earned various praises, accolades and salutes from netizens.

One even commented that “Barney Stinson should beware!”, talking about Neil Patrick Harris’ suit-enthusiast character on television series How I Met Your Mother.

We waded through the saturated comments section of the viral post and found out that the name of Dapper Lolo is actually Alex Tayag, and this is not the first time he was seen rocking a trendy suit in Manila!

We also found out through extensive research (more like, wading into the comments section) that Dapper Lolo was actually a master cutter of men’s custom-made suits, and he previously worked at Galang Tailoring. He is also connected with Suit It Up Manila, a brand of custom-tailored suits for men.

That’s not all!

Actually, Dapper Lolo Alex Tayag also rubbed elbows with famous stars and models alike, including one with local actor Coco Martin, with basketball Ali Peek from the PBA, and even with local actress Iza Calzado.

We don’t know how you do it, Dapper Lolo, but we definitely appreciate your classy style! Keep rocking!

As of this posting, Dapper Lolo’s photo has garnered over 8,100 reactions, over 3,100 shares, and over 500 comments.


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