Dark Chocolate: Always the Healthy Choice


Did you know that eating 50 grams of dark chocolate daily can have incredible benefits to your health?

Studies have shown that the dark kind is actually good for us. Thus, we would never have to be guilty again for eating chocolate every day; we just have to make sure it’s the dark kind.

Dark chocolate refers to the kind of chocolate that has at least 70% solids. Its health benefits include protection against health diseases and conditions, including high blood pressure and heart disease. However, the health benefits of eating such kind of chocolate does not end there.

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The following are more reasons why you should choose dark kind and not the white or the normal one.

  1. The 70% chocolate also has essential nutrients and elements that are needed by the body. Some of these are vitamins A, B1, D, C, and E; iron; potassium; and calcium.
  2. The amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants in a one-and-a-half-square dark chocolate in equal to the amount of the same antioxidants you get from drinking a red wine (5 ounces). Thus, you now have a choice between eating dark chocolate or drinking red wine.
  3. It satisfies most food cravings that we have. Studies have shown that 50% of human’s food cravings are chocolate. With all the benefits it has, you know have one more reason to satisfy your craving. Just make sure you balance your diet by eating less of other food that contain high calorie content.
  4. It is delicious and stimulating. It is undeniable that chocolates are, well, tasty and delicious. However, there is more to chocolate than that. Eating the dark kind also helps in the secretion of endorphins (this hormone in produced by the pituitary gland and the central nervous system) – the so-called “happy hormone”. When you eat dark chocolate, you get the same feeling people who run several miles achieve. (However, this does not give you the permission to stop exercising and just binge on chocolate to get the “runner’s high”.)

You have four more reasons to start rooting for that not-so-sweet dark chocolate instead of the other chocolates readily available for you. Plus, a study published by the Packaged Facts stated that chocolates with higher cocoa and lower sugar content plus more antioxidant properties are becoming more popular for Americans who are health conscious as compare to those commercially available gourmet chocolates. So, if you are one of those who are regularly counting carbs, switching to dark chocolates might be a good idea.

Also, a Harvard researcher has pointed out that eating white chocolate is not the smartest choice. The white or milk chocolate has more chances of expanding the hips rather than helping the blood flow normally.

So, instead choosing that white chocolate during grocery time, why don’t you give yourself the chance and grab the dark chocolate instead – whether you want to get your “happy hormones” to work or you just want to treat yourself after a long tiring day? It might be the best decision you make with regard to eating chocolates and being health conscious.


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