Darren Criss Set to Portray Real Life Fil-Am Serial Killer on American Crime Story


Did you know that a Filipino-American serial killer murdered world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace? Yes! And his name was Andrew Cunanan.

And you know what else? Filipino-American actor Darren Criss is set to portray Andrew Cunanan in the third installment of American Crime Story.

He will be starring opposite actor Edgar Ramirez who will play the role of Gianni Versace.

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The Actor

Darren Criss rose to fame for his role as Blaine Anderson in the hit musical comedy-drama Glee. His cover version of “Teenage Dream” became the fastest-selling Glee single, and was certified gold in the U.S.

His mother hailed from Cebu, while his father is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is of English, German and Irish descent. He started taking violin lessons at age 5, and taught himself to play other instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, drums and mandolin.

The Serial Killer

Andrew Cunanan was credited with the murder of at least 5 people in a killing spree lasting three months in 1997. One of the people he murdered was famous fashion designer Gianni Versace. In fact, Cunanan was included in the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in June of 1997.

Cunanan was born to Modesto Cunanan, an American of Filipino descent who was a member of the US Navy, and Mary Anne Schillaci, an Italian-American. He was the youngest of four children and possessed of a bright and intelligent personality. In fact, he had in IQ of 147.

Growing up, however, Cunanan was known to be a compulsive and prolific liar, and he even went to great lengths to change his appearance depending on his mood, or the persona he was playing. He was later diagnosed to have been suffering from lack of empathy, or better known as psychopathy.

Even before he turned 18, Cunanan already frequented gay bars and became involved with wealthy older men who lavished him with gifts and supported his affluent lifestyle.

On July 24, 1997, Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace, and eight days after, Cunanan also killed himself. He was only 27 years old.


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