Did You Know Gal Gadot is a Singing Mermaid Too?


After watching Wonder Woman in cinemas, I’m sure people have been curious about Gal Gadot, her awesomeness and her personal life. Writers of TCF Daily have seen videos of her during her pageant days as Ms. Israel have resurfaced after the success of the movie. But did you know that Gal Gadot isn’t only awesome at doing her own stunts? She can sing and dance, too!

A YouTube video uploaded in 2011 featuring her performing as a mermaid has been doing the rounds online again. In it, she performs a Hebrew song called ‘Beloved’ as part of a Hanukkah special show that aimed to raise funds for children. She sings really well! Gal’s talent is totally limitless no doubt about her being Wonder Woman. Watch the video below:

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Video credit: YouTube


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