Discover the Hidden Beauties of Sta. Catalina


Dumaguete City has been considered the gateway to the wonders Negros Oriental has to offer. It is considered as the fifth in terms of the best retirement places around the world. Here, you can breathe fresh air and feel the breeze of nearby beach resorts. Here you can savor the delicious scent of grilled foods and indulge in the sweet delicacies.

Here, you can visit great places located in neighboring municipalities and towns and discover new locations that have not been visited by both locals and visitors.

Neighboring municipalities have been known for having several “hidden” tourist spots. These places surprise visitors with magnificent sceneries since some of them have not been promoted or advertised yet.

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For example, in Sta. Catalina, a municipality in Negros Oriental, one can find the Mansanagan Waterfalls. It is located in Mansanagan, Kabulacan. To this day, the waterfall remains “hidden” as not a lot of people have actually witnessed its magnificence.


More than an hour bus ride from Dumaguete, Sta. Catalina is a small municipality where most people are really approachable. Locals will help you find a guide to Mansanagan Waterfalls.

The road leading to Mansanagan Waterfalls is all “green”, where everything in sight is nature at its best. For one to reach the place, he or she needs to hike for a few more minutes. It’s advisable to visit the falls during summer or sunny days as it can become muddy and slippery during rainy days.

The waterfall is hidden by tress and one feels the thrill and excitement as you go near. It looks like a small pool area.

It lives up to being a mysterious waterfall as it is surrounded with cave-like, brown “slippery” stones. According to one blog by Phioxee entitled “Wanderer”, the journey to the waterfall is a “life and death situation”.

“This was the simplest and unexpected waterfall trip I had, but it was the most unforgettable one. No matter how beautiful the waterfall was, I wouldn’t dare come back,” she said.

(Photo: Phioxee’s blog)

Aside from the Mansanagan Waterfalls, there is also another site to see in Mansanagan, Kabulacan – the Monkey Sanctuary.

(Photo: Facebook – Bonifacio DelaBanda Antecristo III)