First-Ever Dog Cafe in Cebu Now Open


Coffee shops usually offer a good place for people to unwind and spend a time with friends – just catching up about life over a cup or two of cappuccino or latte.

However, some coffee shops have gone way beyond offering a hot (or cold) cup and are now offering unique services for specific audiences.

In Cebu, there is a coffee shop especially made for dog lovers and their furry friends. The café serves as a perfect place for owners and their furry pets can now chill and have fun with other dog lovers.

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It is considered to be the first of its kind in Cebu City.

Lovey Doggy’s logo (Photo: Facebook)

All breeds of dogs are accepted in the café; however, owners are to remember  one important thing: their dogs must be vaccinated from rabies. Owners are also require to bring their pets’ updated vaccination cards for safety purpose.

Also, it is important to note that you, the pet owner, are responsible to clean up after your pet’s waste as well as watch after them at all times.

The café owners also made sure that those who came in without pets are still going to have fun with furry friends. There are several dogs of different breeds present in the café on a daily basis.  To ensure public safety, these dogs too are vaccinated.

Cafés like this have slowly been making its way all over the country.

For instance, in Manila, there are already several cat and dog cafes that welcome these furry pets with open arms.

Other unique cafes include that those that offer one-of-a-kind services, such as showering and sleeping, and themes, including Harry Potter, Hugot, NBA, and travel –themed cafes.

So the next time you visit Cebu, make sure you set aside some time for a cup of coffee and a good time with furry friends.





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