Dubai OFW Accused of Beheading Kin Due to Money Issues


Dubai Police arrested Glenn Salvadora, also known as Glin Ambro, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) from Dubai, after more than three months of investigation in the murder of Manormeeta Salwaro Dabi, another OFW.

A municipal worker reportedly found Dadi’s headless at a street on the way to the Dubai Electricity and Water Station in the Al Warqa’a area. Her hands and feet were also removed, which served as a counter-measure for police detection.

According to the examination done by the police, the body was killed someplace else, and was only dumped in the area where it was found. They also believe that the killer was skilled in cutting out body parts because of the demonstration of the precise cutting of the victim’s joints.

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Due to the forensic counter measures of cutting the victim’s head, hands and feet, identification of the victim took some time. The victim was finally identified as Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi a little more than three months later when the police found a DNA match for the victim from their DNA database of runaway maids and helpers. She was reported as missing at least 7 days before her body was found.

Dadi, the victim, and Salvadora, her nephew. Photo taken from KhaleejTimes.

Dadi, the victim, works as a helper in a family in Abu Dhabi, while Salvadora works as a butcher. Salvadora is also Dadi’s nephew.

According to the police, Salvadora confessed to the crime. He revealed that he owed Dadi Dh10,000, and when she demanded payment from him, he tried to negotiate, but she would not agree to his terms.

He also disclosed that the murder was largely inspired by zombie movies, hence, the severance of the victim’s head, hands and feet.

When the police raided Salvadora’s house, it was discovered that he was operating his business illegally, and that he had his car cleaned thoroughly to remove any evidence of blood and DNA.

Meanwhile, Salvadora’s family in the Philippines appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to help. They expressed that Salvadora is a loving father, and could not have possibly done the crime he is being accused of. They said that he could not possible have killed his own aunt just because of monetary issues.


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