Duterte Addresses CHR’s Criticism of His War on Drugs


President Rodrigo Duterte again lectures the Commission on Human Rights in defense of his staunch war against drugs in a speech before policemen at Camp Vicente Alagar in Cagayan De Oro City on Thursday.

Addressing the loud clamor from the CHR and other human rights advocates, President Duterte emphasized and echoed his previous statements that he did not order law enforcers to murder innocent people.

His said that his orders were clear and unequivocal from the very beginning: kill only those persons related to drugs when they resist arrest, or fight against authorities.

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He also previously told police officers that in dealing with criminal elements, they should be ready to kill. They should also be careful not to be killed because nobody is going to feed their families for them.

He also expressed his dismay at the fact that his colorful vocabulary is often twisted to mean something else, and that the deaths of criminals are always magnified.

“Do not keep on complaining about my mouth because my mouth is not the problem. It cannot bring down a country, but it can erase a generation of right-thinking Filipinos.” – President Duterte in a speech in Cagayan De Oro City.

The CHR has repeatedly cautioned the public of the many possible abuses committed by the current administration against basic human rights in their bloody war against drugs. They continuously stress that even drug personalities are entitled to the basic human rights, and are also entitled to protection.

“These human rights, you have to choose. Is it the comfort or safety of the population, or the lives of criminals?” – President Duterte.

He also doled out a seemingly sage advice when he said that there is nothing free in this life. There’s always a price to pay.

President Duterte also repeated that he has already invited the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) to investigate his on-going campaign against illegal drugs. This is in response to the allegations of the rampant extrajudicial killings resulting from his campaign.


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