Duterte Backs Birth Control for Students


Speaking about his stance against abortion in Baguio City, President Rodrigo also spoke about his support for birth control methods and contraception. He expressed his support for methods such as condoms and pills, in order to deter the rising number of unwanted pregnancies among the youth.

The president stated that while he is against the killing of an unborn child as in the case of abortion, he said that people should be liberal in giving condoms and pills, even to students, in order to combat unwanted pregnancies.

The president also states that sex is instinctual, and that since it is part of human instinct, it cannot be stopped. He argued that a person cannot postpone one’s libido, and further asked how a person can schedule his or her lust.

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He stated that one’s libido is not like a class that can simply and easily be postponed because there is a typhoon.

As for the calendar method, which is highly advocated by the Catholic Church as a natural family planning method, the president merely scoffed.

He further stated that his support for contraception and artificial family planning method stems from his pity for children who are born out of unwanted pregnancies. He stated that the parents of these children cannot, and would not be able to nourish, or care for them properly.

He explained that the solution of employing artificial birth control methods would best solve the problem of Filipinos having children that they are not prepared to care for.

He spoke about bringing a child into the world and only burdening that child with problems. He stated that if a person cannot properly care for a child, then it is a much better solution to not let the child be conceived in the first place.

He stated that it is much better to prevent pregnancy from the beginning if it is unwanted.


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