Duterte Responds to Agot Isidro’s Psychopath Comment


President Rodrigo Duterte finally broke his silence on the viral issue of Agot Isidro’s scathing post about him being a psychopath on social media.

Without mentioning the actress by name, he addressed the comment on Tuesday when he spoke in front of new public officials in Malacañang for their oath-taking ceremony.

“May nagalit (na) isang artista sa akin, psychopath daw ako. I leave her to her Constitutional right to free expression. She should enjoy that.” – President Duterte on actress Agot Isidro’s psychopath remark.

Isidro’s Facebook post went viral last week after she addressed the President’s announcement that he would no longer accept aid from both United States and European Union, and he would rather starve than allow them to meddle in his aggressive war on drugs.

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The president’s statements are consistent with his previous sentiments expressing his desire to have an independent foreign policy free from the influence of the United States and of the European Union.

Meanwhile, the Agot Isidro has been subjected to cyber bullying because of her opinions on the president. She has been smeared with ad hominem attacks that malign her for her inability to give birth, her failed marriage and even her previous history of seeing a psychiatrist.

Despite receiving unkind words from cyber-bullies and being bashed on social media, the actress has maintained her firm stance on Duterte, and refused to withdraw her remarks.

On the other side of the spectrum, the actress has also gained supporters who rally behind her back and agree with her sentiments regarding the president’s foreign policies.

Netizens in support of the actress even dug up her educational background and records to prove that she knows what she is saying.

The actress is also unafraid to hit back on her critics. In fact, she has then bolstered her psychopath comment by posting a link of an article describing a psychopath with a narcissistic personality.

Isidro’s fellow artist from the showbiz industry has also expressed their support for the actress via social media. These artists include director Andoy Ranay, Cherry Pie Picache and Cynthia Patag.


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