Four-Year-Old Fil-Brit Fan Meets President Duterte


A boy who went viral after her mother posted a video of him addressing President Rodrigo Roa  Duterte was finally able to meet the President in Malacañang.

Filipino-British boy Ethan Llanes Richmond  was an instant child celebrity after a video of him calling President Duterte to get rid of “bad guys” and send them to jail became a hit. The video was taken and posted on Facebook before the national elections.

However, on the last week of August, the make-believe conversation became a reality as the boy was brought to Malacañang and was able to see and converse with the President.

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte spends time with young fan Ethan Llanes Richmond (Philstar)

Another video posted by the Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) shows the President spending some quality time with the little boy, even playing peek-a-boo, and posing for a few photos together with the boy’s entire family.

“You’re going to be a great guy someday,” Duterte told Richmond.

The interaction that happened between the President and the little boy also won the hearts of many netizens and Filipinos especially that Duterte introduced the boy as his good friend.

[If a person is well-liked by children], it’s a simple manifestation that he or she is good person,” one of the netizens wrote.

The video has more than 1 million views as of writing and over 26,000 reactions from.

Ethan’s Love for Duterte

The four-year-old from the United Kingdom is the son of a Filipina who is fromMindanao., Mylene Llanes.

When they visited Davao City, the young boy’s heart was almost broken when he only saw a Duterte standee outside the President’s house.

“Duterte is not real,” he said.

The mother then posted the young son’s disappointment ent in Facebook. This gathered a lot of reactions from people, until some individuals made a way for the young boy to meet the Preisdent.

“Even the typically noisy little Ethan became shy and timid (for the first time). I asked him later in the car if he was feeling okay as he was rather quiet during the meeting with Tatay Digong. He said he was ‘very nervous’ as the President was ‘SO REAL,'” the mother said in a post after the meeting.

Source: CNN Philippines


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