#FaithInHumanityRestored! Kindness from a Stranger at 7-11 Goes Viral


Last week, Facebook user Ryan Madamba posted a picture on social media and shared his experience in witnessing a heart-warming scene at one of the many 7-11 branches in Manila, in the Philippines.

The picture that Madamba posted depicts a neat and clean-shaven middle-aged man preparing a hotdog sandwich for a rugged-looking drifter.

The image itself is already heartwarming as an evidence of a stranger’s kindness, but Madamba further shared the conversation that he overheard from the two people featured on the photo.

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According to the post, while the man was preparing a hotdog sandwich for the beggar, the beggar told the man that nobody has ever done something like this for him. He even thanked the stranger for the unexpected act of kindness.

Other than the unexpected act of kindness, what was more inspiring was the fact that the stranger took time to have a conversation with the beggar.

The kind stranger told the beggar to find work if he can. He even told the beggar to get a few other items such as bread and instant noodles in addition to the hotdog sandwich.

The beggar refused, saying that the sandwich was enough, but the kind stranger insisted.

The stranger told the beggar to accept the food he was offering, so that the beggar would not go hungry, and so that he would be strong enough to find work.

He even gave the beggar a friendly advice to find work, however menial or meager it might be, as long as it is an honest and decent job.

The stranger even said that he might not have much and he might not be rich, but he received his commission that day so he has money to pay for the food.

Madamba was so touched by what he witnessed that he shared that his ‘eyes and heart’ were opened because of the simple display of compassion of one person to another.

Well, we couldn’t blame Madamba, because his post touched our hearts, too!

As of this posting, Madamba’s post has gained 149,000 reactions, 29,650 shares and 512 comments.

Check out Madamba’s original post below:


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