Father Rapes Pregnant Daughter at Wife’s Wake


Danny, a 54-year old construction worker, was arrested in Balamban, Cebu, for the rape of his own pregnant 20-year old daughter during the wake of his wife.

Ronda (not her real name), the victim, narrated that she went home from Mandaue City when she learned about her mother’s death.

According to her, the assault took place just two days after her mother’s death due to an unknown illness, and it even occurred at her mother’s wake.

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She said her father took advantage of her when their relatives left to buy food. She also wasn’t able to resist his advances because he threatened to kill her.

She reported the sexual assault of her father to the investigators at the Women and Children’s Protection Desk at a police station in Cebu on Monday.

Senior Inspector Ramil Morpos, Balamban Police Station Chief, revealed that Ronda was four months pregnant from her boyfriend, with whom she recently broke up.

The victim also disclosed to the authorities that her father has been molesting her since she was just 11 years old. She said that she lacked the courage to tell her mother about the abuse because Danny threatened to kill her mother if she did.

Danny was arrested at his house, around 4pm on Monday, and was drunk when the police authorities arrived.

According to Morpos, Ronda’s siblings and relatives were shocked at the arrest of Danny, and his subsequent admission of his sexual assault of his own daughter.

In defense, Danny said he only committed the rape because he was drunk. He, however, refused to admit that he sexually abused his daughter since she was just 11 years old.

Danny is set to face rape charges before Cebu’s Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. If found guilty, he will be facing a tougher penalty because the law imposes harsher punishment when the offender is an ascendant, or guardian who exercise moral ascendancy over the victim.

For purposes of privacy and confidentiality, the identities of the parties have been withheld.


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