Fearless Girl Trends on Social Media for Punching a Pervert!


Posts of women being sexually harassed, catcalled, being the subject of unwanted attention, and even being physically groped, or man-handled in various places throughout the Philippines is a common sight on social media.

Most recently, the University of Santo Tomas (UST), one of the premiere universities in the Philippines, received flak and negative reactions from Pinoy netizens. This is due to the post of Geo Celestino, the older brother of a UST student who is a victim of sexual harassment made by another UST student.

UST’s administration received rebuked and heavy chastisement online for allegedly victim-blaming the female student, and showing undue favor to the perpetrator.

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Meanwhile, last January 30, 2017, another post about sexual harassment has gone viral. Only, in this one, it was the perpetrator who got the shorter end of the bargain.

Twitter user Nicole Sumagui posted photos of her best friend, Ryiene Espino, nursing a broken right hand because of punching a pervert who was trying to take advantage of her inside the LRT.

It’s unclear how exactly the pervert tried to take advantage of Espino, but if you think about it, a girl would not just punch somebody to the extent of injuring her own hands if it was no big deal.

Sumagui’s post earner praises from women and netizens alike. As of this posting, Sumagui’s post has earned over 2,400 retweets and over 6,700 likes.

Enclosed crowded spaces such as public utility vehicles, or trains are common places where women are usually victimized through lascivious acts.

Most men seemed to think that if they were to relieve their physical desires on unsuspecting women in public areas, they wouldn’t be in danger of being called out or prosecuted.

Well, we have bad news for you.

Gone are the days of women allowing themselves to be pushed around and bullied for simply being the object of desires of men. A new breed of women is on the rise, and we’re not tolerating any sort of disrespect.

Let Espino’s bravery be a lesson. Next time, it wouldn’t just be your nose that will be broken.


Photo credit: Nicole Sumagui


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