What if Filipino Heroes were in High School?


August 29 is the celebration of National Heroes Day in the Philippines. This national holiday isn’t dedicated to any specific national hero. Instead, it is to commemorate all Filipino heroes who sacrificed ,and made the Philippines the country that it is today.

Of course, Filipinos could not just let this day pass without doing something to celebrate it.

For Filipino millenials, what better way to celebrate the day than through humor and witty lines? This is exactly what Twitter user @MillenialOfMNL began. She gave an interesting prompt, and the tweet peeps responded.

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“What if Filipino heroes were in highschool?” – This is the alternate universe prompt that @MillenialOfManila sent through Twitterverse.

The result? An ingenious collection of witty tweets that went viral.

The movement not only showcased the creativity of Filipino netizens, it also directed the spotlight to national heroes who are not quite as well known as our dear Pepe, Jose Rizal.

Here are a few of the tweets of Twitter users who gamely participated in the prompt:

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