Focal Seizure Because of Excessive Use of Gadgets?


Today’s generation truly has changed from what we, older people experienced and did back in our days. An example would be, how millenials kept themselves busy. Gone are the days when children would go outside and play hide and seek, patintero or chinese garter. Maybe some parents still teach their kids about those games but let’s face it, they are more “techie” now. Instead of going out, they are more comfortable staying in as long as they have their gadgets with them.

Recently,a post by a mother on Facebook named Icon Molvizar Collamar shared what happened to her daughter which she linked to excessive use of gadgets. Mikayla, a six year-old girl, experienced a mild seizure one day after taking a shower.

Mikayla’s body shaked rapidly and uncontrollably so Icon decided to rush her to the nearest hospital. According to Icon, Mikayla was checked by different specialists and have undergone a series of tests (CT scan, X-ray, EEG and MRI) however, all tests came back with good results, until one specialist told them that she might have suffered from focal seizure due to excessive use of gadgets.

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Read her full story below:


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