Foreigner’s Kind Deed for a Street Child Receives Praise from Netizens


The photo of a tattooed foreigner buying a pair of shoes from a Nike store outlet for a barefoot street-child has been making rounds in social networking sites, earning varied reactions and countless positive feedbacks.

The photos were shared by Ahyan Yerro, the assistant supervisor of the Nike store where the good deed happened.

The foreigner’s name is Kris Carrol, and despite his good deed going viral, he refused to take any interview due to his work, and his limited time in the Philippines.

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He also wished to remain anonymous, but his identity was later revealed by the people he encountered at the mall where he bought shoes and clothes for the street-child.

The only thing he stated that really touched netizens was this: “This is how we can make the world a better place.”

Meanwhile, on the receiving end of the foreigner’s kindness is Warren. He’s only 14 years old, and he lives in Pasig City.

Employees at the Nike store were familiar with the child because they often see him selling sampaguita outside the mall.

They also shared that Warren was really shy and barely talked when the foreigner brought inside the Nike store, and that when he was made to choose a pair of shoes, he chose the ones which were on sale with a discount of 40%.

Warren also refused to wear the shoes at first, fearing that other kids might be envious of them and steal them from him.

After buying shoes, the foreigner also brought Warren along to buy him some clothes at the department store of the mall.

According to another witness of the heartwarming deed, Mara Karmela, a government employee, she almost cried upon seeing the foreigner’s kind deed for the street-child, and was even more touched when she saw Warren smiling.

Thank you, Sir Kris Carrol! A pair of shoes may just be a small thing for some people, but for others, it could be the very light they need as an encouragement in their lives. May you receive a hundred-fold blessing for your kindness.


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