Furkids: Love at First Bark


I love dogs. I mean, who wouldn’t want to cuddle these adorable, huggable, furry friends? I have two dogs at home — a shih tzu and a dachshund. Seeing them waiting by the door, wagging their tails is reason enough for me to always look forward to coming home. One Friday, afternoon, while I was browsing Facebook, my sister tagged me on the comment section of  a post by an account called Furkids. Coffee plus dogs? I was sold!

Going to the café’s location (Shop 10A, Triangle Island Plaza Mall, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City) was pretty easy since I am familiar with the area. However, finding the café itself was a little bit challenging because the building it was in was new to me and my companion and I worked in circles for a couple of minutes until fortunately, we were able to see a security guard who was kind enough to tell us the direction of the cafe and we were finally able to arrive at our destination: Furkids Grooming and Cafe.


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The familiar doggy smell greeted us when we arrived there at around two in the afternoon and there were already students who were chillin’ with the dogs. We met: a mini Poodle named Margaux, 2 Shih-Tzus Bella and Pogi, a Chow-Chow named Zoey, a Siberian Husky named Ember, a Labrador Retriever named Sky, a Cocker Spaniel named Scarlet and a German Shepherd named Gaby.


Before socializing with the dogs, we decided to order first. The only food allowed inside is the cupcake and iced tea combo. If you order nachos for example, you have to eat outside first because boy, these dogs have their eyes on your food. Well, Ember mostly!






Furkids Grooming and Café is every dog lover’s haven! Staying with these dogs for a couple of hours is therapeutic. So, if you are stressed out, or you are a dog lover then be sure to visit them!

And by the way, the grooming area is beside the café where you can have your own dogs groomed. Cool, huh?


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