Gordon to CHR: Do Not Attend Probe if You Do Not Respect Senate


On Thursday, Sen. Richard Gordon reprimanded representatives from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to respect the Senate and the Committee on Justice and Human Rights and demanded that they respect the senate or skip attending the probe at all.

“We are not taking human rights out of the equation,” Gordon said during the Senate’s hearing on drug-related killings.

Gordon added that if CHR has doubts about how the Senate committee handles the probe, then they should not waste their time attending the probe. He added that “the Commission on Human Rights under the Constitution is allowed to investigate and recommend the filing of cases.”

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Sen. Dick Gordon (Photo: Blogspot)

It can be recalled that CHR commissioner Roberto Eugenio Cadiz earlier criticized Gordon and called him “coward” after he “prematurely” suspended the hearing held on October 3.

Gordon, in return, announced that he is not inviting the CHR into the Senate probe until they issue an apology. However, the chairperson on the committee on justice and human rights took back his statement today. He said that he never demanded any form of apology from the CHR.

“He can call me a coward, he can call me anything because I know who I am,” Gordon said.

However, Gordon said that the CHR commissioner should apologize for “speaking on behalf of the CHR” when it was not what the CHR was trying to say. He added that CHR Chair Chito Gascon has already issued an apology for any negative impact the statement may have caused not only to Gordon but also to other members of the Senate committee.

Gordon also emphasized that any chairman should not let any member of his committee to speak in their behalf.

CHR, on the other hand, has already issued a statement saying that also they respect the independence of the Senate, which is now on their sixth day of investigating the drug-related killings.


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