What Saving Can Do: Hardworking Grandpa Uses Sacks of P10 Coins to Buy Motorcycle


A grandfather from Nueva Ecija surprised members of his family when he brought home a brand-new motorcycle.

Rolando Gapac’s story became trending on social media after a netizen posted a photo of him and his sacks of P10-peso coins.

This 72-year-old jeepney driver revealed that he started saving coins four years ago. He shared that whenever he gets P10-peso coins from jeepney passengers, he keeps it and puts it in a sack he has been keeping at home.

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According to Arlene Cornes, Lolo Rolando came into their store and asked them if they were accepting coins as payment for a motorcycle. When the store attendants answered positively, Lolo Rolando went home and came back with sacks filled with P10-peso coins.

P10 peso coins used to pay for a motorcycle (Photo: Arlene Cornes | GMA)

Cornes revealed that some of the coins were already green and really looked old. She added that the people inside the store were amazed by how Lolo Rolando was able to buy a brand-new motorcycle with the coins he has saved.

Lolo Rolando’s new motorcycle (Photo: Arlene Cornes)

Lolo Rolando had bought other items since the time he started saving coins. He said he was able to buy a horse and tires for his jeepney.

Meanwhile, family members were overwhelmed by Lolo Rolando’s secret. His daughter, Rose Dacanay, said that they were shocked when her father brought home a motrocyle. She added that even Lolo Rolando’s grandchildren could not believe it at first.

Dacanay also said that they now understand why their father has not been giving their mother huge amounts of money every time he comes home from his work.

Lolo Rolando, who is also a farmer, was also able to send all eight children to college because of his hardwork, determination, and excellent skill in saving.

When asked why he was able to save such amount, Lolo Rolando said that he does not buy items that are needed and that he always puts the welfare of his family above all else.

Watch the report by GMA below:


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