Innovative Old Man Provides Mobile Kilay Salon


In today’s generation, the eyebrows or locally known as kilayshave suddenly become an important part of a woman’s body. It should be given just the right amount – and color – of shade, should have enough thickness, and should be shaped perfectly.

Back then, a simple lip color, blush on, and foundation were enough for women. But now, we have the mascara, concealer, BB cream, eyelash curlers, and more. To add, the eyebrows need to be the highlight.

Without doing your eyebrows, your makeup won’t be complete. As what women and girls would say:

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The kilays should be on fleek. Always.

Meaning to say, it should be a full line, and should be well maintained — wax, thread, or shave. It’s up to you. The point is it has to be perfect.

Luckily, women and girls in Nueva Ecija don’t have to worry to much about commuting to the salon to have their eyebrows done. There is this old man who will bring the kilay salon to you.

Lolo and his kilay salon(Photo: KAMI)

An old man on his mobile kilay salon recently became the subject of social media after a certain Biday Alonso posted photos of this old man on her bike. His bike, to add, has a sign that says, “Nag-aayos ng kilay.”

Aside from getting new clients, this guy already has build a database of clients whom he visits in their houses and provides with solutions to their eyebrow problems.

Amazing, isn’t he? But that’s not all.

Aside from fixing your kilays and making sure these are always on fleek, this old man also sells ice buko. It is a perfect complement for his mobile kilay salon, especially during hot days.

Because of his one-of-a-kind service, this old guy has receive praises, especially for those who need his services.

Netizen comments (Photo: KAMI)

Filipinos are indeed a talented bunch! Good job, lolo!


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