Great News for Lunatics! A Heneral Luna Spin-Off is to Be Released!


We have stellar news for Lunatics, or the fans of the 2015 historical movie about Philippine national hero, Heneral Antonio Luna!

The 2015 historical biopic Heneral Luna received much controversy when theaters began pulling it out from showing in order to make way for mainstream movies. However, through effective pressure and criticisms from netizens, the film was given new life and became hugely successful.

It had an ambitious production budget of PHP 80 million pesos, and despite offering a 50% discount for student movie-goers, it was able to break the previous record for the highest grossing historical movie of all time. By October 11, 2015, it was announced that Heneral Luna was able to garner PHP 240 million.

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Through the Facebook Page of the upcoming movie about Philippine national hero, Gregorio Del Pilar, it was announced that a Heneral Luna spin-off short film will be released this February. It will be released in theaters with the romantic comedy film, “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”

The short film is called “Angelito”, and is set after the brutal assassination of General Antonio Luna, which was depicted in the film called Heneral Luna. It will be centered on Luna’s loyal men, Jose and Manuel Bernal, and will be bridging the gap between Heneral Luna, and the movie about Gregorio Del Pilar.

According to Jerrold Tarog, the same man behind Heneral Luna, the short film is fictional, but it was loosely based on real events.

The actors who played the Bernal brothers in Heneral Luna were also tapped to reprise their roles. Alex Medina will reprise his role as Jose Bernal, and Art Acuña will resume being Manuel Bernal. Actor Arron Villaflor will also return to his role as Joven Hernando. Joining them will be the news faces that will play key-roles in the upcoming movie about Gregorio Del Pilar.

And of course, while Paulo Avelino only played a cameo role in Heneral Luna, he will be playing the titular role of Gregorio Del Pilar in Jerrold Tarog’s upcoming full-length historical film.


Photo credit – Goyong: Ang Batang Heneral Facebook Page


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