Guy’s Love for His Plus-Size Girlfriend Earns Admiration From Netizens


The fact of the matter is this: when it comes to beauty standards in the Philippines, a woman has to be stick thin, fair-skinned and with an aristocratic nose-bridge.

If you turn on your television, you’ll witness a parade of product advertisements with models that fit the pattern of the ideal beauty standards in the country.

Here’s the bad news: the ideal beauty standard is often unrealistic for us mere mortals from the plebeian class.

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More often than not, the daily grind at work leaves one looking perpetually haggard, and with very little time and energy to even think about his/her looks, much less count one’s daily caloric intake. Come on, we don’t have time for that!

Here’s the good news: no matter how you look, or how much you weigh, you will always look beautiful to the right person. You may be imperfect, but the right person will love you perfectly just as you are.

One guy set the interwebs ablaze with swoons and feels when he proved that physical looks matter very little when it comes to true love.

In a totally public grand gesture, Jeto Guanzon shared his love for his plus-sized girlfriend on a Facebook Page called Love What Matters.

10 pictures of himself and his beautiful girlfriend detailing their adventures and escapades together accompany his post.

There is even one picture where Jeto had his girlfriend sitting on his back while he’s doing a push-up!

On the caption, Jeto admits that his girlfriend can be considered as big, and yes, she is also a plus size, but what earned a resounding ‘awww’ from netizens was his very public declaration that he loves her just as she is, and that she is ‘always, always worth fighting for’.

Check out their pictures from the post below:

Netizens could not help but praise the couple and shower them with positive comments. Jeto’s girlfriend is indeed one very lucky girl.

One Facebook user even commented, ‘Not only is she beautiful, but you can feel her personality through these pictures. He’s in love with her beauty inside out!!!!’

For the guys out there, better take notes!

As of this writing, Jeto’s post already has over 33,000 reactions, over 1,500 comments and over 2,400 shares.


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