Hacktivist Group Anonymous Releases Video Warning for Duterte’s Detractors


Anonymous Philippines, a local satellite group of the internationally known hacktivist society, Anonymous, released a video message to all the naysayers, oligarchs, paid agitators and enemies of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Facebook user Mr. Riyoh, a massive Duterte supporter, first posted the video.

The video contains a dire and stern warning against the massive misinformation that has been polluting the Philippine media, and the threats made to overthrow current President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The video presents a grim threat for the launch of the biggest cyber attack in the history of the Philippines if the misinformation campaign on corporate media, and the plans to overthrow President Duterte does not cease.

They threatened to target specific people and their families who are involved in the misinformation campaign. They also made threats of harassment, destruction of cyber presence and denial of financial services, in addition to threats of exposing incriminating private photos.

They vowed to employ all their cunning and creativity to ensure misery for the involved individuals.

Anonymous PH also talked about the powerful and corrupt oligarchs who control the Philippine economy, and upon whom wealth in the country is concentrated.

Their statement expressed their support for President Duterte who is dedicated to changing the flawed status quo, and warned the people in opposition and his detractors.

Anonymous PH has been responsible for defacing several government websites in the Philippines within the past few years. This is their way of putting their skills to use, and of putting a spotlight on the glaring technical vulnerabilities of government cyber infrastructures.

Earlier this year, it has decreed a ceasefire from targeting government websites until the canvassing of votes for the May 2016 elections, and vowed that if there be any incidents of cheating in the elections, it will have no part in it.

The group has been silent since the beginning Duterte’s term as president, until now.

As of this posting, the video uploaded by Anonymous PH already has 4,400 likes and 2,800 shares.

Watch the video warning below:



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