Halloween Decors in QC Subdivision Stun, Creep Out Passers-By; Here’s Why


Filipinos really have a way of turning even the creepiest situations into a humorous one. This time, it’s for Halloween.

The houses in a subdivision located in barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City, has the passers-by creeping out every time they walk by the area. The families have been inspired by a true-to-life happening for their Halloween decorations.

So, instead of the usual Halloween decorations, this family used the timely issue “cardboard justice” or the extrajudicial killings as an inspiration to spook passers-by, KAMI reports.

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No spiders, skeletons, lanterns, and scary masks. The decorations consist of figures of dead bodies wrapped in garbage bags and packing tape. These were hung upside down. In the middle of the dead bodies is a cardboard that screams: Huwag Tularan.

Halloween decorations in a QC subdivision (Photo: Manila.Coconuts)

To make it more effective, the entrance gate was designed with a miniature cemetery and other zombie replicas.

Every year the residents of the subdivision celebrates Halloween and the decorations for this year’s Halloween party on October 29 is different because it reflects what is happening in the country and that extra judicial killings are the true horror that we need to be afraid of,” said Kristoffer Aleksie, one of the residents in subdivision.

It is a very important issue in our country right now that they decided to make it fun and put light into that ‘cardboard justice’ that is happening,” he added.

If it does not scare the onlookers, then we don’t know what will.

These dead bodies actually represent an issue faced by people in the society. There are victims of extrajudicial killings that are wrapped in garbage bags and packaging tape and are left on the sidewalks or in mushy places. These dead bodies also have a cardboard that says “Huwag Tularan.”

Many have already condemned such way, but no one can pinpoint to who executed such horrible acts. There are those who blamed President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs while others blamed drug cartels for this mess.

Watch ABS-CBN’s report about these Halloween decorations.


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