Have a KDrama-Inspired Date in the LED Rose Garden in Cordova, Cebu!


The 10,000 Roses Café in Cordova, Cebu is a quaint café by the sea. It is owned by Korean national Miguel Cho, and if you let it, the ambience will magically transport you right in the middle of your KDrama fantasy. Well, at least to the LED Rose Garden in the heart of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in South Korea.

The original LED Rose Garden in Dongdaemun is a futuristic landmark which features more than 25,000 LED roses that provide an ethereal ambience for tourists and the general populace alike.

It is a popular attraction for couples, especially for those who like leisurely night strolls in a romantic setting.

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For most Filipinos, the closest they can ever get to the famous landmark in South Korea is in Korean dramas. And with Valentine’s Day coming quickly, couples who wish to experience a one-of-a-kind KDrama inspired date don’t have a lot of options at their disposal.

Fortunately, a native of Dongdaemun who is now based in the Philippines, decided to take a piece of home with him and share it with his new community.

Miguel Cho brought roughly 10,000 artificial white roses all the way from South Korea to Cordova, Cebu in order to recreate the famous landmark from his hometown.

He said his intention was to create a romantic setting where a man can get down on his knees and propose to his girlfriend, a place where love stories can begin and end.

Since its opening, Miguel Cho’s 10,000 Roses Café has caught the interest of locals, and people flock in droves to chill at the café, take pictures and enjoy the one-of-a-kind setting.

When asked whether he plans to charge an entrance fee to visitors of his café, Miguel was quick to say that he has no whatsoever plans to charge visitors. He shared that even if the visitors don’t buy beverages from his café, he is still thankful for their posts on social media about his café.

Well, we think Miguel Cho’s café is a brilliant idea, and if given the chance, we’d love to come and visit!

Photo by: Amper Campaña


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