Here’s What Duterte Promised to Elite Businessmen in PH


During the 42nd Philippine Business Conference and Expo Concluding ceremony held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City, President Rodrigo Duterte faced the top businessmen and entrepreneurs in the country and gave them the assurance that the government will be corruption-free under his tutelage as Chief Executive.

In his speech before various business leaders, President Duterte frankly shared that he has ‘very limited dimensions about economics’. Thus, he cannot engage them in discussions about economic theories.

The president, however, assured the business leaders that he would protect them from those belonging to the government who ask money from them. All they need to do is to inform him of the government agency and the name of the person.

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He also guaranteed that the process of securing permits and documents for businesses and enterprises would be shortened in order to effectively curb corruption within the government offices concerned.

And of course, the president also promised that he would continue to maintain law and order in the country by maintaining his fight against crime and his aggressive war on drugs.

He also mentioned that he has a few of the brightest minds as members of his Cabinet, citing by name Department of Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez, and Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol.

The president earned a hearty chuckle from the audience when he further mentioned that although his cabinet members have the brightest minds, unfortunately, he is the boss.

President Duterte also said that he is not afraid of being ousted from his position as president. He said that if he is ousted, or assassinated, then that is his destiny, or part of God’s plan. However, he is committed to what God has set him out to do, and that is to ‘drop corruption, let business thrive, shorten the procedures for all and make it comfortable for everybody’.

On the task of maintaining peace and order, the president mentioned that he has already secured communication with the major fronts such as the communist rebels, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Moro National Liberation Front.

He also mentioned that he is thankful for China’s re-opening of trade in the pineapple and banana industries.


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