Hersley-Ven Casero: Evoking Human Emotions Through Art


Hersley-Ven Casero is a Dumaguete-based visual artist who also fell in love with photography. He grew up in the city where he finished his studies and started a career. He received a BSC in Marketing from Foundation University, where he was also given the Artist of the Year Award. He is now an Artist in Residence of the same institution.

Hersley has made Dumaguete City his stage for most of his paintings and photographs. His works have been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. It has also been published in several known magazines including the View magazine in Germany, Los Angeles Times, National Publication in Denmark, Stern Magazine, among others. To add, his illustrations have landed on several books’ covers.

Hersley have had countless exhibits, the latest of which is entitled Sanctuary and is still on display in Art Verite’ Gallery in Serendra Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City.

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The artist: Hersley-Ven Casero (Photo: Facebook)

Carlomar Arcangel Daoana, in his article, In Search of Sanctuaries, describes Hersley’s latest exhibit.

“Hersley-Ven D. Casero transports the viewer to this kind of place—magical, eerily quiet, redolent with wonder and watery light. It is an interior sanctuary, where the human not only communes with the natural world but fuses with it and is transformed by it, as evoked by the juxtaposition of bodies and corals, underwater creatures, and an explosion of birds.”

As the artist says:

We cannot escape nature which is our source. Walls are meant to fall down; bricks are destined to hit the ground. For nothing man-made is forever.

Most of Hersley’s work mirror the feelings of humans. It also portrays how people respond to the different situations presented to them. Hersley’s ultimate goal as an artist is to allow people to connect  with his works and stir up different kinds of emotions at once.

The following are photos of some of his works that are currently on display at Art Verite Gallery. The exhibition will last until September 29.

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Photos from Art Verite Gallery.


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