House-help Displays on Facebook Things She Stole from Employer


A house-help is currently being hunted by authorities after employer reports her of stealing several of her things and posted it on Facebook.

A certain Jane Donghil, 22 years old, allegedly stole P1 million worth of things from her employer Angel (not her real name) in their private residence located in Pasig City.

According to Angel, an American citizen, her family has trusted Donghil so much to a point where she does not lock their bedroom doors. She said that they have treated Donghil as part of their family. They never thought that she is capable of destroying their trust and her reputation.

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Jane Donghil, 22 years old (Photo: GMA)

In a report broadcasted on GMA News 24 Oras, the stolen items were then displayed by Donghil on Facebook. Angel claimed that Donghil even wore some of the stolen items and posted the images on social media. These items include jewelry, clothing, shoes, and other apparel, among others.

This dress is among the stolen items (Photo: GMA)

An arrest warrant has already been issued last week.

Meanwhile, Angel is calling on Donghil to return the stolen items especially the jewelry that has sentimental value.

Reports like this is not actually new as many complaints have already been filed regarding house-helps stealing items from their employers.

That is why authorities have advised employers to choose house-helps from trusted agencies to make sure they have been background-checked and that their identities have been verified.

However, if one wishes to hire someone on her own, it is important to do some research about the person and at least have him or her present an NBI or police clearance alongside other identification proof to minimize the possibility of unlikely incidents.

The authorities are hoping that this would serve as another lesson for people not to just take someone they barely knew into their house, provide them a decent job, and give them full trust.

After all, it’s never bad to be cautious.


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